I’ll Be the One is out now. This is the book Teen Lyla needed. This is the book I wrote for me. 🙌 I hope it inspires today’s teens so they know they can achieve their dreams no matter what they look like or who they love. 🌈

You can get a copy of IBTO here.


These are pretty dark times, but I’m so grateful to announce that there will be MORE Mindy books coming out next year!!! THANK YOU to all the readers, teachers, parents, librarians, & booksellers who made this possible. Mindy is so lucky to have friends like you! 😭💕


The news is finally out! I’LL BE THE ONE  is going to be a movie at HBO Max! 

I’m so blessed to be working with amazing Asian American women like Nahnatchka Khan (FRESH OFF THE BOAT, ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE) and Colleen McGuinness (30 ROCK, FRIENDS FROM COLLEGE). 

When we were in talks for the movie, I requested that we get an AsianAm screenwriter. As someone who worked in Hollywood for ~2 yrs, I know how hard it is to make it in the industry as an AsianAm woman. I am so blessed w/ my team at Anonymous, who respected my wishes!

And how wild is it that I was first inspired to write the Mindy Kim series after watching FRESH OFF THE BOAT, the show Nahnatchka created? And ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE was one of my fave movies from last year, so.😍 So, so grateful and excited for my team!


The Mindy Kim books are out in the world! Thank you to everyone involved in making these books and thank you to the excited readers I met on tour in January.



I will be visiting schools around Texas and going on tour starting next week to celebrate the launch of the MINDY KIM series! Please see below for my list of events:

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Mindy has a star! Kirkus Reviews called Mindy Kim and the Yummy Seaweed Business “a lovingly authentic debut that shines.”

Click here for the full review!


So thrilled to announce that I’LL BE THE ONE, aka #KoreanDUMPLIN , is going to be a real book next year! I can’t wait for y’all to meet Skye and Henry!

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After ten years of writing and submitting my books, I finally got a book deal! I’m so excited for y’all to meet Mindy. 🙂

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