I love doing school visits, as I truly love interacting with kids and encouraging their love for reading. I still fondly remember how exciting author visits were for me as a kid and I’d love to come to your school to talk about the Mindy Kim series or any of my other books.

Currently, I am accepting school visit invites for students in grades 1-3 to discuss Mindy Kim, my new chapter book series.

For both in person and Skype visits, I ask that you reference this page in order to purchase books for the event ahead of time.


To book an in-person appearance, please go here.

My visits include a presentation about me and my books, along with a signing and Q&A. Topics covered in my presentation range from: being the new kid, the awesomeness of teachers, and the importance of following one’s dreams and being nice to others. As an educator myself, I always plan my presentations to be interactive so kids can be engaged.

Please make sure you have: 1.) the means to project a power point presentation and 2.) a working microphone for visits held in cafeterias or other large spaces. I also ask that the students have already read my book(s) or be familiar with my book(s) at some capacity (perhaps a library group read of the first chapter).

For local visits (within the DFW area), my standard honorarium fee is $200 for a half day (2 presentations) and $400 for a full day (4 presentations+lunch with students and/or teachers). If you are a local Title 1 school, however, please be sure to mention that in your request and I will provide a discounted rate.

If you are outside the DFW area, my honorarium fee is higher to provide for travel expenses (airfare, lodging, and transportation). Please use this form to suggest a reasonable honorarium fee. I suggest splitting costs with other schools since I can cover my own travel costs when I book four days’ worth of visits in the same area.

You are welcome to coordinate with a local bookseller when ordering your books. Or, you can order books at a 40% off, discounted rate here.

VIRTUAL SKYPE VISITS (not available for schools in the DFW area)

If you are outside of the DFW area, I offer free 20 minute Q&A Skype visits for students who have read my book(s). If you would like a full-fledged presentation similar to the one I give in my in-person school visits, I do offer those as well, but for a fee of $50. I do ask that schools who request Skype visits order books ahead of time to make them available for students to purchase. You are welcome to coordinate with a local bookseller when ordering your books. Or, you can order books at a 40% off, discounted rate here.

In order to book a virtual Skype visit, please contact me here.