One thought on “The Journey Begins

  1. Kimberly Kaminski says:

    I just learned of your work while following a rabbit down a hole on the internet. I saw the cover of a book from the Mindy Kim series. The one where Mindy runs for class president. I want to share with you how powerful the imagery was to me. I recognized myself in the illustration of Dung Ho immediately to the point that tears welled up in my eyes and I was overcome with emotion. Seeing the illustration of your Mindy Kim, a young Korean girl, gave me a sense of representation that was lacking all my life. I just ordered your book as a gift to myself. I read through the pages that were offered as an example. I love the way you bring this little Korean girl to life. I am so grateful that you did. She is awesome. I am 44 years old. I was born in Seoul, and adopted as an infant to an American family that has German and eastern European ancestry. I grew up quite isolated in my transracial adoptee experience. I grew up in dominant white American cultural communities that lacked the dialogue and conversation about race that is more present today. I never saw my own image echoed back to me. I have learned the importance of representation. I feel the lived manifestations of what occurs when there is a lack of representation over decades of childhood into adulthood. Thank you so much for your work. It has affected me deeply and wonderfully!


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